the silent Japanese vessel was riding along the south pacific ocean. Approximately 874 miles due-south of Yokohama. Jon and Dexx ,father and son, were aboard that lone vessel. They were somewhat explorers if you will. This was their 76th mission. An ominous number for some odd reason. They were nearing a small island. The magma energy level was slowly decreasing, which indicated past volcanic activity. The two men weren’t expecting an island there. It was strange, the sonar radar was reading clear sailing. ”hmmm, do you think we should stop for a break dad?” asked Dexx. “yeah, we need rest” announced Jon. They moored their boat off the coast of the lowest point, and put down the rope ladder. They thus climbed down and took in their surroundings. “It’s really cold here dad” said Dexx. “Strange, there are plants here. How could they live in such a sparse environment?” asked Jon. “maybe they’re accustomed to it” said Dexx absent-mindedly. Dexx was not looking at the plants, but at the towering mountain. “it go’s high” declared Dexx. “we need food and shelter if we want to claim this island for Japan.” Said Jon. Cchshchshch. The com was going wild. The radar was pulled off its magnetic axis. The whole earth seemed to shudder. “whats happening?” asked Dexx with a tinge of fright in his voice. The boat gave a jolt then sank about 3 feet into the water. ‘The boat’s sinking! Dexx get away from there!” cried Jon. The boat gave a sickening groan, a lunge forward, then plummeted to the sodden ocean floor.