“How? Why? Wha-  hu- what?” cried Dexx. Receiving no answer from his father he turned to see, his father was obviously very shocked. Perhaps even more shocked than Dexx. Speechlessly Jon analyzed the chance of their survival. Quickly he stopped thinking about that for the answer was obvious. They wordlessly went to where the rope ladder was and peered into the deep murky ocean. They saw a distant black shape far far under them. Luckily they both always carried backpacks. Dexx’s contained his journal, a HK.45 USP pistol, a chocolate bar, a Japanese adventure book, some .45 ammo, and a knife. Jon’s included a journal, his hunting knife, his favorite soda, some fresh water, a compass, a Beretta .9mm, and .9mm ammo. As you can clearly see they are in trouble. They stumbled around for a few minutes like little children then Jon pulled himself together.”Son, we can live, and we’re going to.” Said Jon. “dad, this is impossible. I’m afraid for our lives.” Said Dexx. “me to son” said Jon. Wordlessly they ventured to the first step of the tall mountain. They found a deep cave and slept. The floor was smoothed because there had been a lot of water erosion. The pacific often unexpectedly changed its water line. They huddled together and hoped for the best. That night they weren’t hungry like you or me are. No one really knows the meaning of hungry till they haven’t eaten or got a good sleep in days. When they woke up they left their humble cave and ventured into the riveted snowy ground of their new home. They eventually came across a small outcropping with strange white, gray grass. They saw in the middle a small doe. It’s not just a white tail, it was all white. They crouched low in the grass and Jon pulled out his Beretta pistol. He fired one well aimed round. It hit the deer right below the shoulder blade instantly killing it. They quickly stood up and hauled the deer back to their cave. Dexx went to gather some wood from a small tree they saw on their way back. Dexx hacked at the week wood with his small combat knife. It eventually gave way. Jon used his newfound survival skills and set the sodden log ablaze. They cooked one fourth of the deer and saved the rest. The white doe had a strange lemony taste to it. It was pretty disgusting. Well at least they had vital sustenance. “dad ,I’m thirsty.” Announced Dexx. “Here, have my water” Jon handed his son his only bottle of water. “but dad, this is yours.” Said Dexx. “If you feel strongly about it, only drink half of it.” Jon said. That night they both dreamed about Japan. They lived in Kobe which was right in the middle of the isle. They owned a quaint house which was suitable for them. Jon was a herbologist and an author. He wrote a few books about alchemy and herbs. Dexx was a small kid for his age. He loved to shoot guns and draw. Dexx’s mother had died when he was young. They were recruited by the Hirosaki ,Japanese explorers coalition, to venture into the unknown reaches of the pacifc. The Hirosaki obviously got bored with them, to leave them on an island stranded takes a lot of nerve though. A faulty boat wasn’t an accident. they woke to a storm and quickly pushed a large rock in the entrance. Their fire was still going so it wasn’t too dark. It stank though. Like thick rotten water with a line of moldy limestone. It wasn’t fun. At all.