It was a somewhat gray morning. They took in the mountain’s height and realized that it was stepped, like a huge staircase. There was a step about 30 feet above them. They covered all the ground on the coastal shelf and on the first step so they decided to get on the next one. When the boat went down the edge of it scraped the edge of a sharp coral and ripped a little bit of metal off of it. So they gathered that and hammered them into stakes with a rock. They could use the stakes to puncture the limestone for climbing ruts. They had some metal left so they also made a pot for boiling water and a few throwing knifes. It took half a day to make that, and since they were very south in the world days were about 5 hours shorter. So they decided to get some rest and start early the next morning. That night was particularly uncomfortable. The cave was damp and dark because they couldn’t find any dry wood for a fire. “Don’t worry, tomorrow when we get to higher ground dry wood will be easier to find.” Said Jon. They didn’t talk much… it’s like they shared a mind. They knew what the other was going to say… it was lonely but somehow comforting for them both. The morning came, inevitably, so they warmed their muscles and pulled their coats tightly around themselves and got their steaks. They exited their quaint cave and found a particularly soft bumpy patch of limestone and hammered their stakes in with the rock. When they both had deep footholds they started up the step. It was long and arduous work, it took them about 1 hour. Half way, 15 feet, their muscles were aching horribly. It doesn’t sound like a far climb but realize, these people haven’t been warm in days. Their muscles were somewhat frozen to their bones. When they finally reached the top they sighed and lie in the snow. It was true; there were dry trees here, and even a better cave. Inside the cave there were scraps of metal and a few hammers and two swords… it was strange, But handy. They got a few scraps of sturdy Damascus sheet metal and hammered it into rungs for a ladder. They firmly placed them in their footholds and secured them with hammered in Clud metal that is used for making screws. It was so strange. That metal… those hammer… they were very old style hammers, and haven’t been used in many years. The person that once lived here was obviously gone. They dragged their stuff up the ladder and put it in their new home. They sealed the other cave so it wouldn’t flood. Their new cave was very smooth and made of granite. The wood from the trees were strangely dry so they had a nice crackling fire that night. They even found a small pond with fresh water. They boiled that and cooked some of the deer in it. It was very good. The wood gave off a pleasant homey sent, they stocked their ammo and put up on a shelf of the cave. The cave walls were ridged purposely for shelves. They put the rest of their supplies on another shelf. They gathered some dry grass and thin bendy wood branches and tied them together to create a makeshift mattress. They nailed it to the ground and used their coats for pillows. They covered the doorway with a lightweight rock and they slept soundly. They might grow to like this island, Away from the cares and dangers of the world. It was nice.