When the morning came it was dark and dreary.the trees were plentiful on this step compared to the first one, but it still was pretty low. They didn’t make a fire so they were cold and grumpy. Jon found a patch of Morsain plants. Morsain was founded in Japan, it’s used for curing obscure poisons, such as Drak or Felmere. It also tastes pretty good. Jon gathered a few sprigs and Dexx found a patch of fire thistle. Fire thistle grows in desolate cold places but gives off a sharp sting of heat if touched. Fire thistle is a very defensive plant. They were scarce on food since their deer was gone. “hrumph, I’m hungry.” Growled Dexx. “you’re  not the only one, son.” Mumbled Jon. Trust me, you would be grumpy also. They got their pistols and set off for a hopefully successful hunting trip. It was pretty uneventful until they went back to their cave. On the way they spotted a black mocking jay. Fairly good sized birds, they taste of duck meat. They were common in Kobe Japan. Dexx aimed his HK and fired a single round. It hit the bird squarely in the head. Not an ideal shot but it did the job. They started a meager fire and sprinkled the bird with Morsain sprig. It was enough of a meal, but they preferred a steak burger with heaps of cheesy French fries. A strange meal for Japs but they liked their American eatery. They were strange people… somewhat paranoid about the unknown. That night Dexx dreamed of a field of lush green grass with massive yew trees. Jon dreamed of a sashimi dinner. They woke with a start at the sound of claws scraping at their rock door. They instinctively reached for their firearms and Jon crawled toward the rock and slid it aside. In the threshold they saw a lone Russian soldier with blood running down his left leg. He had just blacked out. It was strange… a few days ago Japan declared war with Russia. Jon and Dexx didn’t know. This ,as you can see, is very bad.