They drug the Russian into their cave and lay him down on their makeshift bed. They gave him some water and let him rest. “Why is a Russian in Japanese water space? It’s illegal.” said Jon. “Maybe he just looks Russian.” said Dexx. “Look at his armor. Belted leather with metal disks covered with horse hide, Russian.” said Jon.  Russians really liked light armor with mobility. The disks allowed parts of their torso to bend. The belts were on the top half of the torso and on the arms. They allowed light weight defense. The rest was just layers of horsehide and leather. Some of the weak places were reinforced with Kevlar. “Look a sword.” Said Jon when he saw the Russian war sword belted to his side. “A war sword” announced Dexx. The Russian woke up a day later. He shouted something in Russian and grabbed his cruel sword and backed into a corner. Dexx and Jon instinctively drew their pistols. The Russian had a look of panic across his face. Then he suddenly relaxed and a cruel smile flickered across his face. He drew himself to his fullest height. His first strike was a miss but his second was guided with obvious practice. It flicked towards Jon’s face. Jon dodged it by an inch and drew back to the farthest wall. Dexx lunged towards the Russian. The tackle was strong. The Russian fell on his face and Dexx kicked his sword out of reach. He aimed his .45 at the back of his head in case the Russian decided to attack again, somehow. They bound the Russian’s hands and set propped him up on a wall. “What’s your name?!” asked Jon in a voice laced with harshness. The Russian muttered something foreign. They could only make out his last name. Reznov. His first name sounded like it started with dev. “why have you attacked us?” asked Dexx. The Russian looked up and his accent vanished. “A war.” said the Russian in Japanese. He didn’t talk anymore that night. Or even the next day. Jon went out to hunt and Dexx was left to keep the Russian at bay. Jon came back to the cave with a small rabbit and two squirrels. “I wonder how these animals live in such a harsh environment.” Said Jon. The animals were just as white as the doe had been. They had the same hint of lemon. They fed the Russian who ate almost reluctantly. The wood was already dwindling from their constant need of fire. A few days later they were completely out. “Dad, I’m going to look for some wood.” said Dexx. “Ok son, stay safe.” said Jon. Dexx set off in search of wood. This level of the island was just as cold if not more. Dexx drew his leather jacket tightly around himself like he had done so many times in the past few days. He wondered for a few uneventful hours then he came upon a crater in the ground. It gradually went downward for about 40 feet. From the deepest section, it was almost level with the coast of the island. There were a few plants there and a score of trees, About 3 ricks. Good for a few more weeks. The trees were common in Japan, Hoarfrost trees. They grew in the winter and their wood was covered by a thick bark that kept the inner wood dry. One of the plants was Kiveri. Kiveri is used to sedate. It’s handy for prisoners. Another plant was Veen. It is just a type of ivy that counteracts the side effects of fire thistle and poison ivy. Dexx marked the spot in his journal, and chopped some wood. He gathered it and hauled it all the way back to the cave. Jon was pleased and immediately started a roaring fire. They cooked both the squirrels. They would save the rabbit for a later day. The Russian finally gave in and allowed himself to eat a fair amount. Reznov was gradually looking less of an enemy and more like a regular person. That night they untied Reznov. He looked at his wrists and muttered something under his breath. “Thank you, this isn’t very wise of you though.” said Reznov. “We believe you won’t do anything.” said Dexx. “What about the war between Russia and Japan? Aren’t you aware that we are enemies?” asked the Russian. Dexx and Jon looked stunned. They grew quiet. They dreamt of an endless war. When they awoke the Rezonv was gone. They looked off into the distance and saw a small Russian vessel. And on the shore there was Reznov looking infuriated. He shouted something vile in Russian at the ship. He spun around and stalked towards the cave. “My accomplice has seen that I didn’t kill you. He thought it was wise if he did it himself. There was a short struggle then he leapt upon my small ship and kicked off from shore.” said Reznov. “You tried to protect us?” asked Dexx. “I’m not for the Russian government. I think their decisions are quick and unwise. I didn’t join the Soviet Union by will. I thought you knew that.”said Reznov. From then on they had a new, strong ally.