The next morning they awoke to the rumble of thunder. The sea was choppy, and gray. The sky was a dark gray, the rain clouds were pitched black. The rain looked like dark arrows. The water puddles froze under the insulation of the snow, creating a very slippery island. The whole of it was depressing. “Let’s just stay inside the cave today. We have enough food.” said Dexx. “In Russia it is like this every day.” said Reznov. “I wouldn’t get used to living like that, ever.” Announced Jon. They sealed the cave entrance with a large boulder, and started a meager fire. It wasn’t warm at all, but it was better than being stuck out there. Half way through the day, they rolled the boulder aside and peered down onto the first step of the island, Flooded. It wasn’t going to get any higher, which was lucky. The pattering of the rain was maddening, so they talked the day away. They talked about many things. Like the war they just figured out was real. It was terrifying learning about a war in your home country. You worry about the ones you know, your home, and your life. At dusk they rolled the boulder aside once more. It wasn’t as bad but still flooded. Jon was staring at something; he quickly drew the boulder back in place. “It will be clear by tomorrow.” said Jon. Reznov was fiddling with something he had recently drawn out of his pack. “What’s that?” inquired Dexx. “It’s an old Russian game. We do it when we are bored. It’s a maze that you can rearrange into a new one each time.” said Reznov. To respond to Dexx’s look of confusion he beckoned Dexx towards him. “See? Just push the sides and they rearrange the little walls inside. That there is the ball you’re trying to get through the maze. Go ahead try.” said Reznov. Dexx fiddled with the sides then started shaking the small game around. It took awhile for him to get it through, but he did it. “It’s a fairly good sized one, good job Dexx.” said Reznov. “Thanks, but I think that was luck. I’m still confused.” It was a strange game, a random maze each time to work a small ball through. It’s a wonder to most people but it’s fairly simple engineering. It doesn’t use electricity or battery power. It’s hard to explain but I’ll try. The maze is configured of 10,000 tiny manual shards of metal. From the sides you push down a small lever, one of many, and it randomly chooses a shard of metal from its inner body. There is a screen in the middle covered in glass. A small ball bearing pops out of a pocket at the beginning of the maze. Then you just turn the maze around until it reaches the end. “Here. I have many, take one.” Reznov said to Dexx while he handed him a rougher smaller version of his. “Thanks Reznov.” Dexx said with a confused smile. “Dexx I need to talk to Reznov privately.” Jon announced. “Ok dad, I’ll be in my sleeping bag.” said Dexx. “I didn’t want to startle Dexx, but when we moved aside the rock I saw a pack of rail wolves near us.” said Jon. “They are very dangerous creatures, Good meat though. Perfect food I think.” said Reznov with obvious excitement in his voice. “Dexx we are going hunting. We will be back in a few hours.” said Jon. “It’s almost night dad.” said Dexx. “What we are hunting will sustain us for awhile. They will be gone soon.” said Jon. Rail wolves are the strongest and smartest of their kind. They are not to be messed with. Hunting them is often a horrible idea. But their meat is filled with minerals and vitamins and great taste. It’s a loose everything or gain food for a week. I know what I would pick, but they are low on food. I still wouldn’t pick it. Their chance of survival is slim. But they have no choice, I hope they live, I highly doubt it though.